Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the photos of the escorts genuine?
Αll the photos on Athens Vip Escorts are 100% real  by a well known photographer. We do not use photographs that have been photoshopped extensively and change the escorts’ appearance.

Q: Do you have an age limit for your clients to see escorts?
We welcome all clients from the age of 18 years onwards, having no age limit barrier. As long as you are clean, presentable and well mannered, we welcome your booking.

Q: How do I book?
The most convenient and fast way call or sms to the telephone numbers of the ad respectfully.  As the alternative is available the online Booking Form on  site.

Q: Do I need to book in advance?
We do recommend that you book in advance to ensure your preferred escort and your time.

Q: Do I need to give you my full name when booking?
If you require an escort to visit for an outcall to your hotel, we require the hotel address and your room number.  We will call you at your room to verify your stay. A mobile number will be necessary on all other bookings.

Q: Are my personal details kept confidential?
Any information given at the time of booking is treated in the strictest confidence. No details will be passed on to the escorts or third parties. We understand the importance of discretion.

Q: How do I pay, do you accept credit cards and cheques?
Credit cards and cheques will not be accepted. All fees are paid directly to the escort in the first 10 minutes of the meeting. We only accept cash in EURO, USD and GBP.

Q: Can I make a dress Code request?
all our escorts ensure that you enjoy your time with them and will do their best to accommodate your request.

Q: What do I need to do before I see the escort?
You will receive a better welcome from our Escorts if you are freshly showered for your meeting , depending on the type of meeting you can relax together in shower.

Q: Am I expected to tip the escort or can I take a gift?
None of the escorts expect a tip. If you want to give one then it will be graciously accepted. Alternatively you could take along a gift, a bottle of wine or perfume, as a nice ice breaker.

Q: Can I meet the escort in a bar / club?
Yes, you are welcome to meet your date in any reasonable establishment, such as a bar, restaurant or club. Please ensure that you give the fee to the escort in the first 10 minutes of the meeting.

Q: If I don’t like the escort what can I do?
If you are unhappy you are not obliged to stay in their company. If you do decide to cancel, you will need to do this in the first 10 minutes of the booking. We would appreciate you paying the escort a taxi fee.