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How Do Escorts in Athens Please Men?

I have found questions like these circulating quite often. Since “how do escorts in Athens please men” is often being asked. This idea that escorts are ‘skilled’ in sex is heavily misleading. Generally, Call girls do not necessarily use special sexual techniques to entertain clients. Surely, escorts learn over the years about certain desires and become more confident, but it does not mean they require exceptional physical ‘skills’ necessarily.

Reasons that men hire escorts

There are many reasons that a man hires an escort. Of course, there is not a single explanation for all of us. We are going to examine some of them.

Need for sex

Some of us are driven by a huge need for sex. This is something also tru for women. So, in order to fullify our needs, often people hire prostitutes in their attempt to get us much sex as they need.

Sex pleasure

According to number one in this list, some men has an insatiable need for doing sex and getting this pleasure. If they don’t get it, they are in big frustration.

Risky relationship

Some men find that real relationships is too risky for a matter of reasons. One of them is the fear of real intimacy. For this type of men is a stereotype to visit the same escort just to feel some kind of a real relationship with the female. There is one aspect about this relationship: An escort, unlike a real girl frient or of course a wife, does not demand something emotional as a return. In some way, the prostite is soothing the psyche.


We are talking about the hatred of women. There are experts in this field and they believe that customers that often prostitute, has a real hatred of women. For this kind of hate filled person, women are submitted and humiliated because of the way that they are paid for sex.

Needs to be pleased

There are several needs that men has. From just having sex to BDSM situation these are needs to be accomplised. There are times that you are alone and don’t have a lady with you. Maybe you don’ have the time to play with a girl in order to get her into your bed. Or more realistic, the fact that you have a woman who thinks that your “special needs” is kinky or just not normal. You know that many womans thinks this way, ending up to be frustrated for normal acts that you can find in out girls.

Anal sex

A major need for many men around the global. Is just the fact that you want to fuck your lady’s ass as hard as you can. To rip apart. The sad trooth: A big number of lady’s find this as something disqusting, filthy, kinky or even pervert. They are so unaware of the pleasure that this act can give to both male and femake that they don’t even will to try. It’s that sad moment where your lady push you back in the bed and you are about to get mad.

You can hire a real professional to get everything you need. Just call to our escort agency, pick up an escort that you like and tear her ass apart. Be sure to inform her so she makes the preparations needed. In this way, your dream can become true, with a body better among the most that you can find out there.And the best of all, your lady just will never know.


What about the need of ejaculating on the face, body or mouth of your girl. Something special to men. But there are a big number of woman that doesn’t like this type of act. They think its disqusting to swallow their mens sperm, or just letting them putting their load on their body. Although doctor says that sperm swallowing is good for your health, they just can not admit it.

There is no need to be frustrating. You can call secretly a professional to get everything you need. Chosse the right one from the online catalogue, see the services that are offered and call the right one for you. Just imagine the moment that your huge load is going down her throat or flashing on her face, pussy or anus.


It’s about one of the best fantasies. Just imagine two bonies near yours. thefact that you canfuck them both can drive you mad with pleasure. But of course, there is a little amound of woman that are willing to share you with another female. They just have the opinion that a man should only belong to one woman.

Here comes our escort agency. Just take a look to our catalogue and fing the perfect escorts. Read about the services that they offer and book know the couple of your dreams. Imagine to fuck the juicy pussy of the one of your choice while the other is licking your balls. Turn them around, so they are both pleased and make your dreams true.


This is surely something that a little number of woman are willing to pass through. The biggest part of the female community will just say no, just by asking them to do something like that. In their ears this is something pervert, something that its forbitten. They just can’t understand your needs or just the amound of ecstasy that an act like this can offer to the female body.

Our escorts, are real professionals that can hadle a variety of this kind of action. If you have the need of doing this to a woman or just take it, take a look at the services that our models offer and pick up your favorite. Imagine the moment that you are going to beat up a beautiful ass, do a rimjob or making a nice mouth to drink your juices.


If you want an escort to accompany you AthensVIPescorts have the best call girls for you in Athens. For those wanting something more special and “close-quarter” feel free to browse though our list of escorts. And remember become a member to have even more choices.

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