How to Become a member


There are four categories of membership.

Users: They learn first new arrivals and all new models available. Everyone can sign up.

Gold members: access to see more Escorts do not wish to appear on the site.To become a Gold Member you should have an appointment through our pagethe same mobile you used to make your reservation will used to become a Gold member.

Vip members: access to even more Companions and a new Hi class category. To become Vip Member you should

  1.  Being our client with certified components. (Address, Telephone, Name)
  2. Have some successful meetings.
  3.  Α Vip or Platinum Member has proposed you .
  4. Being over 30 years old (unless Premium member proposed you)

If you meet two or more of the above conditions contact us by Email at

Platinum members: access to all available escorts in Greece and Europe.

To become Platinum Member you should :

  1. Be International customer. (for customers living permantely outside Greece, address verification may asked. )
  2. Vip members with a considerable number of meetings at Vip section.

*Every Platinum member Can Propose 1 Vip member for Platinum.

If any of the above is what you are please email us to

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