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How to choose an escort in Athens

So, you’ve spent some time browsing reviews of the great escorts in Athens that are out there. You’ve found plenty of girls in Athens that sound perfect to you and you’re itching to meet with a gorgeous, sexy lady in Athens. You’ve narrowed it down to a few options and yet you’re hesitating.

There’s only one thing stopping you. This question into your mind, which escorts in Athens do you choose and how do you know if they’re safe and reliable? Those are great questions, and definitely worth to be answered. While there are no doubt some shady escorts in Athens, thankfully there are plenty of great ones to choose from.There are a few things to take into consideration, to make your final decision.

Looking for a reputable escort site

When you are browsing throught a site like this, there will be a number of escort ads to search. You can tell about the quality of the site, when the majority of these ads are posted every month. Try to avoid sites that there are daily posts of escorts, as the may be unreliable. The main reason behide this is that daily in this job mean cheap, so it attracts lower quality ladies.

Independent or agency?

Independent escort

There is a number of reasons to prfer an independent athens lady. A big number of escorts has gain experience and buil up thein own list of clients. They used to work with an agency for a number of years and then start to work on their own. You may fint out that the prices of them is a little smaller because of the fact that they does not split them with anothers. Look carefully for the ads to find out.


In your need for an escort, there are a number of advantages to use an agency. Going down this way, you can be assured that the ladies provide quality in their services, so you can have a good experience. You are going to find that as with the most of the things, there are premium and budget agencies, as those between them. Do a little research about the agency itself , just to be sure about the services that you gonna take.

When you make contact with an agency, there is a probability of being asked a few things, as they want to make a background check. This information of yours may be used to find a suitable lady for your needs. They are also going to inform the escort in order to be better prepared. As you let them know more about yourself, the more they can make a better much according to your needs.

If you make the right decision, try to have a good relationship with the agency. Every time you have a need, they are going to find you a better solution, as they will know what you are looking for.

Make a specific search

When you make a search online, try to narrow the search terms according to your needs. You may want a blond or brunette lady. Also, you can search for her age, height, or even physical dimensions, things that you like to see in a woman. Also, this is the place to decide if you want an escort for all night long, a date, or just a meet-up.

Make a decision about the money

Have in mind, that you always get what you have to pay for. If you have a few euros, maybe you should consider saving some more and wait for the right moment. Looking at a girl that you like, click on her price catalog. Don’t waste your time reading something that you can’t afford to have.

  • Don’t try to negotiate about an escort. If the price does not appear, then maybe she is more “special”.
  • When you find an escort that you like and is in your budget range, try to be sure about the extra fees that may be added to the final price.

Make sure it’s the right photo

Do not expect of an escort that is using fake photos to tell you that. There is a number of them that using photos with blur on their faces. There is a possibility to be really gorgeous but doing this for privacy reasons. Try to make sure that the number of these photos are more than five. Read the other customers comments, to have a better opinion about the reality.

  • You may use a service for photo searching. This is something to let you know if these pics are professional or stolen from an adult website.

Make a search about her name

This will lead you in finding her reviews form other customers and for how long she is envolved in this type of work. The risk is bigger when she is in the industry for a little time. Search about the contact number and email, just to be sure that they are real and legitimate.

  • Try a online review site, as it will rate an escort about her personality, openness and ofcourse her appearance.

The final touch

If you have find the perfect escort for you, or you have find an agency that semms the right one helping you about your needs, then it’s time to communicate with them. Try to be carefull and true throughout your communication. The lady has also the need to know if you are real and someone that will respect them.

Before you make an appointment, make sure that the escort know exactly what you want and can provide you with everything you need. You should have no problem as a professional site will cover you about the contact details, such as phone or email. The only thing know is to make the contact.

Needing of a gorgeous Athens escorts? Don’t worry. Take a look at some of the hottest escorts in the city. Book an escort tour lady and make this day the one that your are going to live your ultimate dreams.

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