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Is non-sexual escorting classified as ‘prostitution?’

This question is regarding the concept of a ‘social escort,’ which is typically a woman Escort who is paid to accompany men for social events, such as dinners, outings, etc. I have yet to meet a ‘social escort’ in Athens who strictly does not have sex with her client afterwards. Indeed there are many clients who seek companionship over sexual intercourse. There are many other sexual with escorts acts besides penetration that some men seek.

Definition of an escort

An escort is someone, a female or also a male sometimes, that is paid to spent a certain amount of time with you. It’s the person that takes your money to accompany you throught your social needs. Exmaples are a dinner to a restaurand, entairtainment venues, business matters. Some time just for your nedd of talking to someone. Simply, this is a person to socialize with you.

Definition of an prostitute

A prostitute is someone, a female or even a male that offers sexual services and paid for that action in means of money or other forms of cinsideration. who offers sexual services in return for money or other forms of consideration. The law system of many countries considers prostitution as a sex crime.

You should know that in addition of sex acts for money or another method of payment, a person, customer or prostitute or others, can be accused of a sex crime, just if they agrre to engage by some way into this kind of act or even In addition to being arrested for engaging in sexual acts for money or other consideration, you can also be charged with a crime if you agree to engage in the act of prostitution or even asking of another person to engage into this kind of action.

Take into consideration, that a person who is responsible for the arrangements between prostitutes and clients, can also be accused of a crime. These third part persons, usually called as pimps or madams.

Things that law needs to prove

There are some basic elements that every state law department must prove in order to convict a person of prostitution or compensation.

A sexual act is broadly defined to include the act of sexual intercourse, such as anal sex, sexual touching and oral . A person can be charged for prostitution, just for commiting lewd sexual acts. These type of action includes the touch of the buttocks, the genitals area ot the female breasts of either of the participants for sexual arousal or gratification.

There is also a broad definition of compensation. It includes money but it can also include everything that can take a price. Show, you can be charged with prostitution if you pay for sex with drugs, property, information or something that has a value to the person that having sex with you or the intermidiates.

Is non-sexual escorting classified as ‘prostitution?

A small minority of clients don’t even request for sex, but rather they like to spend the time talking, or satisfying, perhaps, a certain ‘fetish’ with the Escort. Regardless, most clients desire some form of release. I have only encountered a handful of men who didn’t want any release at all (meaning these men didn’t want to ejaculate/come). It is a rarity. Never the less, my theory is a ‘social-only’ escort in Athens cannot truly exist.

If the man paying for her company likes her, then he will offer more money to the Escort to get sexual services. The money is too tempting for such a Escort to say no. It would SEEM ideal to be a ‘social’ escort in theory in which a call girl is paid to just hang out with men. Yet in reality, mingling with men in public is far more time-consuming, less financially rewarding, and much more ‘work’ compared with having sex with a client.

A social-only escort could not charge the rates of a Escort in Athens. For instance, there are some women who provide services other than actual sex. These women refer to their services as ‘sensual massage,’ in which they provide a nude massage complete with hand-release, and maybe oral sex. Since these sensual masseuses do not have sex, they also cannot charge the rate of a ‘full-service’. Rate is generally determined by the amount of service provided.

Sex tours

There has been a new form of prostitution since the early 2000s. This called sex tour and the prime reason for its development, was the internet. Here, we are talking about a new procedure , a procuring network. This also called city tour and is the programming of foreign prostituted persons from all over the world,  about staying to different european cities for a couple days to some months.

In general, the client choose the prostituted person who wants, throught a catalogue and he has the ability to choose the time of meeiting her or him in a predetermined time at a predetermined place. Often this takes place during the business trips at luxury hotels around europe. There is a kind of safety in this systen. Sites thar are dedicated to escorts advertise them with their services and measurements and also some phots of them.

A customer haw to do a simple job. To check the list of the prostituted persons that lives at the same region as him and then place an order sending an sms . Then, the confirmation of the appointment is received. This sms has the information about the time, the place, the hotel room and its number. There are procurers that used to organize the appointments and take care of every parameter. It is hard to find out if we have to do with a specialist of the sex industry or with a hospitality professional.

If it can be proved that these persons are aware of the fact that sex is included in this appointments, they can be prosecuted.

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