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Living Out Your Fetish Fantasies with Escorts in Athens

If you’ve just arrived in Athens and would like to hire the services of an escort, there’s no dearth of beautiful Athens escorts call girls in this beautiful city, Athens, and different options to get entertained with the most amazing greek escorts. Regardless of your preferences – busty, VIP, high class, cheap, blonde, brunette or petite escorts in Athens, you will be provided with a variety of escort services that will not only get you impressed, but also happy with the results.

Every man has a secret dream that he wants realized. These are fantasies that he won’t be able to live out by himself alone. Escorts in Athens will help you with regards to this dream. They will give you a fetish experience that will take you a long time to forget, if you ever forget it. There are different kinds of fetish fantasies and they depend just of the imagination of every man out. Find the perfect escort match for you and go ahead.

Impact play fetish

This type of playing means spanking  and generally forms of consensual striking. Spanking is an easy BDSM point, from witch you can start to explore more things, like purchasing a dildo to penatrate your partner’s anus. It has limits ranging from a light slap to the bum of a whipping session.

Like any other kinky action, take into consideration that you should negotiate the boundaries before the actual play. The most important aspects are the safety and comfort of the couple. Learn thnings before practising.  Discuss about the intensity that you want to enjoy, learn about the body parts that are safe to impact and choose a safe word in case someone of you feels incomfortable.

Stick to the body areas, like the ass for example, and avoid the less protected areas to avoid major injuries. It is a best practise to begin using nothing more than your hands, before putting money into a sex toy, like a paddle or an enormous dildo.

Role-playing fantasy

Many people think it’s time to stop playing make-believe games because of their age. But they should not. Playing roles means using a sexual fantasy by itself or as a parts of a bigger one, with your partner or even as many of them. It may be kinky by itself, but it is also a healthy action that many people have. Also, it is safe because you can take every action with your partner who can be whatever you want to, despite going with other people e.g. a doctor or a fireman, that you don’t know.

Role-playing can vary and take many different forms, from a simple patient – doctor game, to something like incest between family menbers. There is this stigma say some woman on that princess and daddy role, but it is just a fetish fantasy, the fact that they can not fuck with someone that they can’t call daddy.

These types of fetish role playing can involve the factor of age, where one or both partners pretends to have a different age that their actual and penatration fantasies. It is usual for a kinky fantasy to be a part of a bigger one.

Anal sex kinky fetish

This can be also a normal act between many people, but many of them also finds it as a kinky fetish. A fantasy that can range form just putting a fingers into your womans anus, to penatrate her from every hole in her body while you fuck her from behide, with dildo’s, butt plug’s or even an another man. There haw been a scientific research, saying that about a forty percent of women and a fifty percent of men had engaged into this type of action, where the womens received and the men gave.

Remember that there should be a minimum preparation, before the real play. There is the fact that the anus is not self -lubricating and and also there are bacteria in this area, that can lead to infection. Don’t using the vagina all together in this type of play and remember to use a good quality of lubricant.

Ofcourse, we think you already know the other precautions, meaning that you should use a condom. Try to go slow at the start, using your fingers or small anal toys and then get to something bigger, like a big dildo or a penis.

Foot fetish fantasy

A type of fantasy where someone have the desire to worship the feets of another, in ways like kissing, smelling or massage them. Also, this is a kind of a very common fetish. Maybe some woman especially will find it as something bizzare or dirty. But a discussion could gine the couples the opportunity to find a new exciting body part.

Find an escort lady, discuss your fetish with her and make your kinky fantasy comes true. Just image of two beautiful model legs just for your appetise.

Sensation playing

This type of play refers to an enormous number of actions that you can take, based on the the receiving or giving different types of stimuli. An instance is, where the female may be blindfold and the man try to deprive her senses, like dragging an ice cube on the vagina region, something that many people know as temperature play. A situation where you should think of everything, like tickling your partner with your hands, or slowly penatrating him and stop just the moment that he is going to come.

Orgasm controlling

This is a part of BDSM fetishes and it involves elements of submission anddominance.  An example of orgasm control is the one where a man puts the woman in a situation that she is ready to have an orgasm, and then syddenly he stops and prevents this from happening. The general idea in this concept is to have as much time you can into sex action and letting your partner reach the orgasm only when you want to. This is something that anyone can engage into, no matter of their .


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