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What are Reasons for men visiting escorts?

A lot of married clients have a similar reasoning for seeing an Athens escort: they say they love their wives, but their wives no longer have sex. Or men claim they like variety. Due to social expectations, many men marry one woman as a foundation for family, but does it mean they limit the number of ‘unofficial’ women for their sexual purposes?

Does marriage always translate into good sex? Some men openly say they desire ‘variety’ for sex, while others claim that it’s the fault of the wife that does not care about their needs. Something else that you hear again and again as the time pass is: Wives stop having sex, and they think that husband is obliged to do so.

There are a multitude of reasons. Some men don’t just need sex, they want pleasurable sex, sex with emotion and a deep connection. Perhaps some men are unable to express their desires with others, so they hope to find sensual solace with an escort.

There are also other married men who get lots of sex from their wives (even good sex), but they like something ‘different.’ Perhaps they need to prove to themselves that they still have the power to be appealing? Perhaps their egos need a little inflating?

Many academics argue that the Western construction of ‘Masculinity’ influences men to prove their so-called ‘manhood’ by sleeping with multiple women (as if women are to be conquered). It’s not so much out of their personal desire solely, but rather societal norms for ‘being a man’ indoctrinate some men to prove themselves as ‘manly.’ So, just in case you’re one of those women whom tell men to ‘act like a man’…you are influencing the discourse of men to behave in a ‘Masculine’ construct, thus aiding the gender binary construct. Constructions of identity are very powerful, as they create a so-called ideal.

Reasons of escorting

Compulsive need for sex

There are a number oa men that are driven by this huge need for sex. Something that can be tur for both male and female also. In this scenario, this huge need drives men in the necessity of an escort. It’s their way to get as much sex as they can, especially when they have to do with a woman that can’t just unterstant it, or simply does not have the same needs.

You should not be ashamed as this is a physical need and there is now way to make our other half to get so horny. Thanks there are many ways in our days to get what we need and feel better with our selfs and our bodies.


As we mensioned earlier, there is a number of men that if they can’t satisfy it’s major needs for sex, they are in a perpetual state of frustration. Something that has an impact in our social life, including our jobs or the social encounters. Feel free to have paid sex, as it would save you from many problems that you can avoid. Do your self a favor of getting one of the best escorts in Athens.

Relationships are risky

There is this fear of real intimacy, for a number of men when they are about to have a real relationship and thinks that is something too risky. For this type it is common to visit the same escort just to make their fantasies of beign engaged with a real relationship with a woman.

One of the aspects of this kind of fantasy relationship, is the fact that, unlike a real wife an escort will never ask for something more, meaning something emotional. It’s like the professional makes this dream comes true for a number of reasons.


We are talking about the fact that there is a quite big number of men that has a real hatred of women. Experts in this field believe that this type is the one that frequently visit an escort. For these filled foul of hate men, womens should be submissive and even get humiliated,  through the process of being paid for sex acts. And that another factor leading men into an escort, because they want to feel this in the real world, where a woman will say nothing.

Social needs

One another major factor is the one that men pay an escort for it’s company. You see there is a number of people out there that wants to attend to a dinner or a meeting and they just don’t want to go alone. A big number of mens, have this difficulty with women, when its time to make a contact. They don’t know how to speak and act and loosing the game. But with an escort, thing are a lot simpler.

You don’t need to interact until you feel free to do so. And the ladies is there to make you feel comfortable. Also, they are educated enough to know how to stand in different kind of social occasions, so nobody knows that this woman is someone that is with you for your money. You may learn something from them, for the next time that you are gonna aproach a new female aou there.

Some single clients are truly lonely, and have little interaction with women. They do not seek an escort for sex necessarily, but rather they desire intimate companionship with a woman. These are the type of men who need to be hugged, and cuddled.

The current constructions of masculinity and femininity in a Western context are very harming, as they serve an elite status quo rather than a collectivist effort.

In some historical contexts, men resorted to ‘comfort women’ in scenarios where ‘proper’ women did not exist, such as situations of war and colonization (which still occurs today).

Some Single/bachelor clients believe that sex with an escort in Athens is better and easier than trying to find it ‘for free’ at nightclubs in Athens. It’s easy for a man to pay an escort for sex in Athens rather than the effort of convincing a ‘normal woman’ to have sex with no-strings-attached.


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