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Why do some men prefer Escorts from Athens for sex?

This is a subjective question. But there is something I think about often: many Athens escorts are assertive women. They have their own money and they are independent. Many do NOT cling to men, because men are multiple for an Escorts from Athens. It is not a big deal if a Escorts from Athens is unsatisfied with one man, because there are plenty of men who can replace him. Some Escorts from Athens develop confidence over time in her sexuality because of her experience.

Escorts sometimes makes this assumption: pleasing the man will win his heart. But it won’t. I have not read that popular book, “Why Men Love Bitches” yet, but the title alone is enough to support my argument. Men need challenge, men need mystery….and men need an Escort to be assertive!

An Escort can still be herself and be assertive too; this does not mean she has to be dominant per say in an extreme sense. Also, the importance of personality is so crucial, and a lot of Escorts forget about their own needs and desires. Investing all your time in your appearance might attract men, but it won’t keep the worthy ones interested. The very popular trend of women divesting their intellect and making themselves sex-objects is not very wise — as it only attracts men who view women as an object.

Being beautiful, only on the outside, does not translate into being a desirable, assertive Escort. An Escort in athens who thinks she can please a man by giving him, for example, oral sex everyday isn’t very challenging either. What about a woman’s pleasure? Why are most ‘normal’ Escort not assertive about their own sexual needs? Perhaps because ‘normal’ Escorts are still timid about sex. This is what, perhaps, differs between some Escorts in Athens and ‘normal’ Escorts; Escorts in Athens become comfortable with their bodies and sex appeal because it’s their job. For instance, Escorts in Athens are quite demanding in their personal sex life, yet in a subtle way.

They know what they want

Escorts in Athens know what they desire and also the way to express it with the right man. Escorts in Athens have certain sex expectations from the experiences they have get with talented lovers. Escorts in Athens cannot be with a man who doesn’t know how to give them amazing orgasms. If you don’t know how to please them, you better learn. Escorts gained this confidence from experience in the sex industry. For every lousy sexual partner, there is a great talented lover…so why settle for less? Escorts would much rather be alone than be with a man who treats me less then what I expect. Without these experiences, escorts probably would be too timid to demand sexual pleasure.

They are professionals

As Athens is the capital of Greece, it’s a certain fact that the majority of the professional escorts are going to live in this region. There are numberouw woman out there to do your “job”. But now one can compare with an elegant lady, having the beauty of a model, accompany you to your everyday needs, either we are talking about going out for food or your sexual ones. They are educated females know how to act in every situation needed. You can take them out and everyone thinks that is just your woman or simply your girlfriend.

This is important for some man that want a woman presence with them in special occasions. They want from them to know how to react with the other people in that environment. Or maybe, it’s just that party for high class people, where there is a demand for high quality companion, that can stand among these type of people.

There is confidence

Choosing an Escort from Athens, simply you could have peace in mind. There is a big number of man that are marries or have an affair with a woman, but there is still this need for a professional to take the pressure of their shoulders. They just want to have sex with another woman, one they can trust that to have this little secret between them, without surprizes.

Also, there are a number of people of high class that want their anonymity, because of projection reasons or others. They should be absolutely sure that there is trust and they are not with a simple afair that can cost them a lot.  Escorts are working with professional agencies that can assure you for their descretion.

Hygienic reasons

Something we forget is the hygiene. The health is above all. Men and woman should be careful in their sexual actions. With an escort, a man can have peace of mind. We are talking about woman taking all the precautions and also the medical exams that are available and necessary to assure that they are healthy, very tactical.

We have to do with elegant ladies, working legally in AthensThey used to work in clean environments, especially luxury hotels and know how to take care of their selfes. So, you can be ease going with them.

Experience pleasing men

They are in this profession a long time, so they know exactly how to please you. They can feel every type of character and act according to each one needs. There are a variety of services they can offer and everything is clear. You get what you pay. If there is somethink that you always wanted to try but you can’t your woman does not let you, this is the right place to try it without any fear.

Some woman think that there some thinks is not normal or maybe kinky, just of their way of thinking. Most woman can not understant a mans need, but a professional know that there are no limits in sex. They are willing to try everythink without the taboo that modern society sets.

Always, there is just the fact that you want to learn somethink new to be a better lover, but you afraid of what your ladies will say. Here we come eith the best services. Our woman are going to teach you the art of teasing, so you can be sure that the next time your girlfriend will be surprized by your performance.


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