Why do some men prefer Escorts from Athens for sex?


Why do some men prefer Escorts from Athens for sex?

This is a subjective question. But there is something I think about often: many Escorts from Athens are assertive women. They have their own money and they are independent. Many do NOT cling to men, because men are multiple for an Escorts from Athens. It is not a big deal if a Escorts from Athens is unsatisfied with one man, because there are plenty of men who can replace him. Some Escorts from Athens develop confidence over time in her sexuality because of her experience.

Other Escorts make this assumption: pleasing the man will win his heart (it wont!). I have not read that popular book, “Why Men Love Bitches” yet, but the title alone is enough to support my argument. Men need challenge, men need mystery….and men need an Escort to be assertive! An Escort can still be herself and be assertive too; this does not mean she has to be dominant per say in an extreme sense. Also, the importance of personality is so crucial, and a lot of Escorts forget about their own needs and desires. Investing all your time in your appearance might attract men, but it won’t keep the worthy ones interested. The very popular trend of women divesting their intellect and making themselves sex-objects is not very wise — as it only attracts men who view women as an object.

Being beautiful, only on the outside, does not translate into being a desirable, assertive Escort. An Escort in athens who thinks she can please a man by giving him, for example, oral sex everyday isn’t very challenging either. What about a woman’s pleasure? Why are most ‘normal’ Escort not assertive about their own sexual needs? Perhaps because ‘normal’ Escorts are still timid about sex. This is what, perhaps, differs between some Escorts in Athens and ‘normal’ Escorts; Escorts in Athens become comfortable with their bodies and sex appeal because it’s their job. For instance, Escorts in Athens are quite demanding in their personal sex life, yet in a subtle way.

Escorts in Athens know what they desire and are open to express it with the right man. Escorts in Athens have certain sex expectations from their experiences with talented lovers. Escorts in Athens cannot be with a man who doesn’t know how to give them amazing orgasms. If he can’t please them, he better learn. Escorts gained this confidence from experience in the sex industry. For every lousy sexual partner, there is a great talented lover…so why settle for less? Escorts would much rather be alone than be with a man who treats me less then what I expect. Without these experiences, escorts probably would be too timid to demand sexual pleasure.

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