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History of the anal sex

Seeing throught anthropological texts, we are seeing a big number references to anal sex between male and female. An act that you can try with out escorts. Maybe there is this trick. They thought that this was an act only between homosexual people. But the researchers missed a trick. We are gonna see the facts in the next chapters.

Pots of sex

The mania of portraying sex acts in figures of clay, was not only belong to the Ancient Greeks. Researchers found that between 100AD and 800AD, the Moche culture in the Northern Peru had produced a high number of pottery, to be realistic, about,  10,000 potshas been unearthed. This vessels confused the scholars that tried to find out what they they were trying to show. And that’s why: There was so much anal sex.

They tried to explane this as the ancients wanted to show a king of birth control of their age. They also thought that maybe it has to do something about the new structures in the political system of their times.

Take into consideration, that the driving factor for anal sex action isn’t always the contraception. We know that the connection between anal sex and pregnacy, was not the main factor for doing anal.

A pot that represents a couple in anal sex act, while the woman breastfeeds her childrens, points in another direction. It is beleived that different ancient civilizations, had the same belief. Maybe, they believed that sperm was an important life force. So, this pots may propose their belief that the ejaculation into the womans anus, can make her produce more milk. The sperm, should find the way throught the mothers magical body, into her breasts.

One other reason, that is not considered plausible, is that anal sex might try to point out the new political power structures. Some other civilizations, made sex pots at the same era, but their pots showing the normal way of sex act, the one of penis and vagina sex.

Some ancient societies, doesn’t used to believe in equallity between males and females. This made us think that the anal sex pots, are trying to show us that in these kind of relationships, the one partner should suffer, just to give pleasure. Well, maybe this is something that we dont need to kwow. But the reallity is that anal sex can gives us amounts of pleasure.

That kind of business is risky

You should never treat your pelvis regime like it is some kind of toy. Fact is that the entire region is interconnected by genitospinal nerves. Thiw nerves trigger orgasm that every body can feel. There’s this one, the pelvic nerve, which transmits signals from the rectum in both sexes. That’s why there are anecdotal evidence, about women that used to have earth-shattering orgasms, from anal action. We pressume, that in order to achieve the best orgasms, we should excite all the nerves simultaneously.

It should be clear, that every man wants to sneak through his girlfriend’s back door. But in case that you stands lucky to be given the final ok of your woman, take into consideration that you are not yet ready to proceed, befora you are aware of all of the risks involved.

The action of anal sex considered to be a “sexually risky behaviour”. The anus is a very delicate part of a human body. The skin here is very thin. Don’t have in mind a vagina, because anuw is a part that can’t produce a self lubrication, despite of the hours you are gonna put into foreplaying it. So, you should really use a lubricant, as much as you can.

Without lubrication, the high amounds of  friction may causes tearing and also bleeding. So, lets say it once agian, lube it up. For one person, tearing the inside of a lady’s butthole, is at least wilfully negligent and impolite. Secondly, the skin in his way protects us from pathogens, entering into our bodies. You can understant, that ripping up the inside of an anus, you expose them to sexually transmitted diseases.

This can include HIV and HPV. HPV, stands for Human Papilloma Virus and can cause anal cancer. In case you hadn’t noticed it, there is a number of euphemisms for anal sex. Many of them  include mention about faecal matter. Notice that men, and ofcourse women, crap out of there. This brings some associated risks, that makes the condoms your best friend. That there is no need to double dip.



New pussy is the anal

Taking into consideration the data of one of the biggest porn site, the Pornhub, anal is term that UK residents search so much, that takes the third place in the category of the most searched terms.  Thiw maybe is the case of always wanting something that you can’t have? There used to be a stigma around anal sex between heterosexual people, but this days it seems to decrease. Most of the now days cuples are saying that have tried it for at least one time.

Conseder that there are many couples that are assamed of talking about it. Almost one thirf of them reports tha have never had this kind of action. So, imagine the real number of people, that have tried it and use it in their sexual life.

If you want to feel the real thing, there’s a little you can do. Call us, and your nights we never be the same again. Our pro, considered to be pro and will do their best to please you in any way.


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