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Escort Services for the most demanding men

In AthensVipEscorts, we are focused on that, in order to give our customers the best service. Among our customers there are also many of those who have special requirements and do not want to give up their needs. Compromises are not always good, especially when it comes to intimate dreams – you simply count on their realization, claim Athens escorts.

That is why using our services is so popular because with them you can see for yourself that what you have been looking for years. Something that should be pleasure, understanding, relaxation or even adventure. We also know that, which is why we provide our customers with so many proposals, and you can find among them the one that will be faultless for you in every way.

Discerning men not only choose the classic escort service, although it is the most popular. They also often choose services that are more unusual and unique, inaccessible to most men, because many women do not like them. Your companion can also be the most beautiful lady in Athens. High class agencies works not only with carefully selected escorts, but also those who are truly unique bombshells, or better, models.

There is also this necessity for something more into sex, one that a regular lay refuses to go into with because she thinks that is kinky, or even perverted. Just because it’s her state of mind and can’t think of your sexual needs. In the next paragraphs, we are gonna show you some of the regular extra services that you can have with an escort. 


This is something that every man needs, but the majority of the woman refuses to go on with. What’s best from you hot load into the face of a stuuning beautiful woman, while she is sucking your dick. Yet, most females think that this is something pervert or just dirty.

Prefessional escorts don’t think in this way and most of them are gonna let have this fantasy with them. You don’t have to wait for your woman to take action, just do it with another one that is willing to give you the best orgasms you ever had before.

Anal sex

Something that can give you the best orgasms, yet many ladies out there don’t even talk about this. It is some kind of taboo despite the fact that we are living in a free world in our days, or they afraid of being dirty or hurts. The man will always have the need of anal sex and is something that can get out of it’s mind. But his lady, thinks in different way and not of his needs.

You can hire an escort, to have the best anal sex of your life. A big number of professionals out there are willing to take this action. They have do it several times, the knoe the tips and tricks and don’t afraid of getting hurt. You should just letting then know before meeiting with you so they are ready for a crazy fuck behide the scenes. Let your dick inside their anus and forget about your girlfriends rejection’s. She just don’t know what she is missing. Probably, one of the best orgasms she ever had.


Whats about the fantasy of getting laid with more than one woman. A special dream to make true. But a serious affair, will think that her man should belong only to her and never touch another woman. She can’t understant that the body needs is different of the ones of the mind. In fact, there are many couples that differentiates the sex from the real relationship.

You don’t have to worry. If your lady is open to new things, you can always hire an athens lady, to make this action unique. Just, call an escort that is willing to do so, or even better one that like girls. Fuck them both in the way you like. Let them first leak each others body to get horny and then take action.

But what about your lady don’t even think anout it? No problem again. Hire to escorts, or even an escort couple, meaning a group of two woman that they know how to play together. Let them tease you first and when you get horny pick the one that you like most and fuck her in a crazy way, while the other one plays with both of you. Besides, better than one ass, is a second one.


Maybe the ultimate dream for every male. The act where every can happen and nothing is forbitten. A dominant lady ready to do everything you want, in every way. But it comes the regular ladies that refuses to do so. For them, it is a taboo of modern days or thinking of it as pervertion. They haven’t taste yet the beauty of leaving your body to the hands a of a real man to give you the ultimate orgasms.

Our ladies know exactly this dream and what pleasure it can give to a man and also a woman. Hire one know, and try everything that you had in mind, but you did not had the way to do before. They are professional that can take this kind of action. They can bring with them the necessary things, simply from lubricants, to whips and chains. Call them to your place to feel more comfortable for as much hours as you want and live your dream to the fullest.

2 men and one woman

The secret fantasy of most females out there and one of the best for men. But what really happens? A few of them are gonna try it while the others will just afraid. They simply can understand the orgasm they can take from this action. Thanks that you guys don’t have to wait. Just call for an escort and try to fuck her in the best way you can.

A professional that knows how to act in this kind of action. Simply take her to your place and live a rare fantasy. just imajine of the two cocks inside her, ehile she is screaming of pleasure. You can touch an orgasm even by hearing a woman in that situation.

Take a look at our athens escorts. The best professionals in town, ready to give you the ultimate fantasies. You demants is an order for Athens ladies, when they are trying to please you in every way. Don’t forget to subscribe in our newsletter.


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